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BAZ SITE - Here's how to build right


Sometimes 'techies' find the best of all technological worlds and make your life easier and more manageable along the way


At Aluf Technologies we've prepared advanced software with one central goal - to make it far easier for small and medium businesses to set up websites in a 'no-fuss, all-included' way. 

We call it Baz Site and it ticks all the boxes that you discover when you're building a website. These include having a SSL certificate for security and promotion, updating content easily and intuitively, getting a good site promotion module, built-in site accessibility, great performance on mobile phones, and a lot more benefits...

All these come from our long understanding about where the problems are. 


What needs to change?

Far too many sites are out of date, poorly designed, not adapted to smartphones and not updated with the latest management systems. Why's that? It's because fixing things with the original website system was too much of a headache. It was always something to be left for 'tomorrow'. Not so with Baz Site. 

You'll be impressed how easy things are! Over 10 years, our site developers have worked on a wide range of sites and on many different Internet platforms. They know what works and what doesn't - and what should be. 



Payment is an easy ride too. To encourage small and medium businesses to move to Baz Site, we spread the cost of setting up the site over the first year, which also includes hosting fees. From the second year onwards, you just pay for hosting. 

Your website will look modern, perform well on all viewing platforms, be completely secure, be super-easy to update and very affordable. 

It's a winning package. Check out our Prices and Packages page. 


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